Alistair Magician
British TV Star
Dubai Based
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Alistair Magician
British TV Star
Dubai Based UAE
Roaming Illusions / Close Up Magic
Comedy Children's Magic Shows
The Blue Eyed Magic Guy
A Hypnotist
Mind Reader
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If you’re looking for a magician in Dubai look no further than Alistair, British magician based in Dubai. Alistair is an award-winning, tv and radio star appearing many times on British TV and radio. 


He’s a versatile magician who can adapt to all types of audiences, and his unique image makes him stand out at events. With over 22 years of experience, culminating in 1,000s of gigs, Alistair has done it all, from clubs and pubs and theatres In the UK to festivals, yacht parties and palaces of the UAE.


Alistair’s your number one choice for a magician in Dubai and the UAE.


Fun and Friendly, Comedy Magical Entertainment for Everyone
Alistair, can't Thankyou enough for the entertainment you gave last week at my daughters party. There was a mixture of age groups and was concerned whether some would enjoy the experience. You adapted your performance for every age group and leaving many still talking about it. Many of the mums are eager to book you and again my daughter said she had an amazing time, thanks to you. If your thinking of booking Alistair I would totally recommend him, all round entertainer.  Thankyou
Alistair came to the Whalley Range Celebrate Festival and performed a variety of walkabout magic that made people laugh and smile! A great entertainer who we would welcome back without hesitation. Thanks for adding to our community event Alistair, you were fantastic :)

“This guy’s incredible”
Jimmy Carr (British Comedian)

"He is a great master of his art" 

We were thoroughly entertained by Alistair The Magician the other evening to celebrate our son’s 30th birthday. He is a great master of his art and his repertoire of clever tricks kept us both amused and amazed during his presentation and for hours afterwards too! Alistair has a friendly, outgoing personality and his sense of humour is wonderful. Highly recommended to liven up and entertain at any occasion.


“Great Magic"
Dermot O'Leary (British TV Presenter)
An experience that will change your life. and a man who will do the same.

Alistair has done lots of work with and for me. He's a breath of fresh air and different to the usual stream of people you see and meet.

There is no one you can compare him to, as his style, talent, demeanor and presentation are second to non.

Book Alistair today!!
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Blackjack rules at home affairs

Blackjack rules at home

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Rules of blackjack as a dealer

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Blackjack rules ace

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